Another snake in the duck!

September 20th: Went for a snorkel before 7am this morning with Peter and Heidi, we were the first boats there this morning, but a local tourist boat arrived soon after. Best snorkel ever, we saw loads of colourful fish, and 3 turtles. Robbie even patted one, it was quite tame. Back to the boat for breakfast, and Robbie did a few chores and I baked bread. Robbie lifted the duck out of the water to do some maintenance and CRIKEY there was another poisonous sea snake, but this time it was in the housing that holds the outboard motor up. Unfortunately it must have got squashed when he lifted the motor up, and so it was dead. But, this makes me feel sick as that’s two now and I will be forever after looking for any more. I thoroughly checked our snorkelling gear this morning when we went thinking they could be hiding anywhere. Robbie thinks they are just looking for anywhere warm, and the duck motor is always warm either from the sun or from being used. Fingers crossed, please no more!

Peter and Heidi came over for a game of 500 so that was fun. Mauskatti, the catamaran with Michele and Mariette on board arrived into the anchorage. At 5:00pm we all headed over to Pink Beach for sundowners and a bonfire. Peter climbed the big hill on the Northern end of the beach and Robbie climbed the little hill on the Southern side of the beach to get some photos. There are no Komodo Dragons on this part of the island but we did see some deer. Per got the fire going – great Boy Scout skills and it was really lovely. Tom from Enpointe used to work as a Newspaper Photographer so he lined us all up for some fireside photos. The tide did surge and put the fire out just as it was Peter & Heidi’s turn for a photo but we got it going again and Tom eventually got his shot. It was a really pleasant evening. We were all a bit worried about the fire but we kept it small and close to the water just in case.


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