September 24th: Can’t believe another month is nearly over. We have owned Southern Star for over a year now, wow that time has just flown by. We lifted anchor at 6:30am and headed out. It was quite glassy in the bay but the wind picked up as we left the protection of the bay and Oda and Stormvogel hoisted their sails for the 2nd morning in a row. We passed a squid boat coming in, we could see a few of them out at sea last night, it must be a good area for squid and Oda and Stormvogel can attest to this as they copped flying squid in their boats yesterday. For the first hour we passed lots of small fishing boats with nets and flags out. The first one was very confusing as to where his net was and he was flagging us to go to Port. There was actually two boats and two nets and flags and we eventually got it and passed through safely. We would have seen another 10 boats and nets at least. The wind has dropped to 3.6 knots which is great for us but not so the others. Pleasant cruising and we arrived into Kananga at 1.40pm. I had a lazy afternoon and did not feel like going into the village today so sat and read a book. Robbie dived in and swam to shore and met up with Peter, Heidi, Per & Elizabeth. I had a few visits from kids in sampans, some older ones asking for cigarettes. They got bubble-gum. Not the best gift but I brought a large plastic jar of it because it had no wrappers. I have given out hundreds of lollipops but they just chuck the wrapper in the water or on the ground so I gave up on those. One lot of the boys were quite cheeky and were smoking and asking for cigarettes, one of them said his name was Bob Marley which of course I found rather funny. Oda and Stormvogel came over for sundowners on Southern Star. Getting a bit low on supplies now but I was able to rouse up Feta cheese in herbed olive oil, olives, marinated sweet baby red peppers and crackers. Heidi brought a red Lester cheese so we had good food, lots of laughs and of course planning our next anchorage.


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