Kilo a house visit

September 23rd: Departed Ambalawi at 6:30am and arrived into Kilo at 1.45pm. Still on the island of Sumbawa. It was a lovely village and we put the duck in and went in. There was not as much rubbish in the water or on the ground as previous villages which was very pleasant.

We were greeted by a small group of children and some young ladies. One of them was named Eda, she is 23 and spoke very good English and she walked with us through the village. We saw a huge whale bone on the beach. We were not able to buy any fresh fruit or vegetables (which was a bit strange) but Eda invited us back to her house. We met her 99 year old Grandmother who was very frail and tiny but all smiles. Also Eda’s father who is a fisherman and owns 2 of the big boats in the bay. Eda’s two brothers and two sisters and the Grandma all live in the house. Eda has a 2 year old son and was married but her husband is dead. Their house was very nice, quite large and had tiled floors and satellite TV. Eda had asked if they could come and see the boat so we went back to Southern Star and had lunch. Eda and her 17 year old sister arrived not long after. I had sorted out two T-shirts and pens for the girls, colouring in pencils, bouncy ball, for her son and also two pairs of reading glasses for Grandma. (We brought a whole lot of the non-prescription reading glasses in NZ to give away to villagers)

Robbie dropped the girls back and they shrieked with laughter as he took off in the duck, I guess they are not used to that speed. We asked them if they ever went out fishing with their Dad but they replied no. He leaves late in the afternoon each day and doesn’t return until the following morning.

Had another 500 challenge and Heidi is now really good, too good unfortunately, She and Robbie bet Peter and I again.



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