September 29th: We decided to clean the hull of the boat and the duck today. Because we haven’t been in a marina since we left Cairns the only water we have is what we make from the watermaker. Some anchorages we do not make water as the water we are anchored in is not the best. So to clean the boat probably uses around 1,000 litres or more, and we make 50 litres an hour so it takes an awful lot to make that amount of water again. Anyway we are sick of looking at a salty boat so we decided to do the hull. Peter and Heidi came over later afternoon for a game of 500, damit Robbie and Heidi won again. Per and Elizabeth came over for sundowners it was very pleasant such a calm anchorage and very picturesque. Monkeys gibbering in the trees and a lot of beautiful white birds flying over. We have not seen, or heard many birds at all in Indonesia, they are very few and far between. (possibly a menu item)


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