September 30th: Bit of a sleep in, 7:30am start for our short journey to our first anchorage on Lombok Island. We had the usual 3 fishing rods out but no joy. We arrived at 1:30pm and then Peter & Heidi invited us and Oda for a pot luck dinner. This is the last night that Heidi and I will be drinking for a while, we have both decided to do “Octsober” –no drinking alcohol for the month of October. Heidi had chilled champagne and sav blanc for everyone to celebrate our last night of alcohol. Per, Elizabeth, Peter and Heidi had both brought a Tuna off the local fisherman. Per & Elizabeth brought sashimi, with pickled ginger, Wasabi and rice and Peter and Heidi had made Tuna patties. We bar-b-qued some chops and sausages and I made my crunchy nut coleslaw, Heidi had also made a lovely bean salad. We all agreed that we need to give the sundowners nibbles a big miss and perhaps do more pot luck dinners with no nibbles. We tend to have too many nice nibbles when we have sundowners, nearly every night, and then we don’t feel like eating dinner. Lots of good intentions – will see what happens!


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