One year full time cruising!


November 16th: Today is memorable for 2 reasons, Mums birthday – RIP my dear mother, and, we have now been full time cruising for one year today! We departed Viaduct Harbour in Auckland, one year ago today. (see photo thanks Di!) This time has gone so fast, we can’t believe it. We have only seen a smidgeon of the world, there is so much more to see!

This morning we went ashore to one of the warungs (café) on the jetty for a complimentary breakfast, organised by Raymond. Very different to a western breakfast I must say. It was saffron rice, dried/fried tiny, tiny whole fish about the size of half a matchstick, cucumber and a very small amount of omelette. I declined the fish.

There’s now only about 10 boats in the anchorage (the rally started with 23) and we only have a week left until our final anchorage and farewell ceremony, on the 24th in Bintan. This morning we farewelled Gypsea Rover who are forging ahead to Singapore, as they have crew that are flying out. Including the lovely Margie, who was so friendly will miss her a lot. Bit sad really, but we will see Bryan and Sue again in Singapore on the 27th for Bryans 60th birthday celebrations.

Did a few jobs on the boat and then went back to the other warung on the jetty for lunch with Peter and Heidi, and Michele and Mariette. Lunch was good, a Kan Kung peanut satay Entrée, calamari, chicken stir-fry, vegetable and Tofu stir-fry, rice of course, and a green jelly desert with condensed milk poured over it, which we didn’t have. They also, always serve to start with, a very syrupy non-alcoholic cocktail looking drink, today it was bright pink with coconut flesh in it. Yesterday it was bright green with lychees and cucumber pieces in it. We find them far too sweet. If you have a sweet tooth you will love the Indonesian food!

After some discussion with the local polisi who were in the warung, we were given permission to go and visit one of the fishing shacks in the harbour. They are quite a substantial structure with a lot of poles, walkways and a big net in the middle that is lowered down. They light a paraffin lamp to attract the fish and then after a couple of hours they raise the nets and then scoop out all the fish. Inside a small hut, they have a large wok which they light a fire under (there is concrete and brick round igloo shaped structure that holds the wok) and cook the fish. This is the tiny, tiny fish that was offered to us for breakfast today. Heidi, Mariette and I stayed in the ducks as it was quite a climb up the structure with no ladders and we were happy just to watch, Robbie ended up diving in the water rather than climbing back down.

We then headed back to the jetty and walked across to the other side of the island which only takes 10 minutes, for a swim. Stopped along the way and gave out some gifts to the kids along the way, we saw the cutest set of twins, girls about 4 years old. This is the first twins we have seen. Was nice and refreshing in the water so we just lazed for an hour or so. Back to Southern Star for a game of 500 with Peter and Heidi, and Heidi and I made Pizzas from scratch, including making the bases, and a fresh tomato, garlic, herb and onion base with salami and bacon and the last of our Mozzarella cheese. Very nice. Stocks are getting quite low now, but haven’t had to resort to the tinned food, yet, so not so bad.



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