Gone Fishing

November 17th: Boys went fishing in a local fishing boat with the local Polisi. Neither the Polisi nor the fishing boat owner could speak a word of English so I bet that made for an interesting fishing trip! Robbie, Peter and Gert from the Yacht Kiwi Blue set off on the very little local boat at 8:00am. Heidi, Mies and myself were rejoicing for the opportunity to have some “me” time. It was nice to write some emails, relax and just bum around. I decided to put in the hair colour I had brought. Gulp, it’s pretty orange! They must doctor it as the Indonesian women’s hair is so black? Oh well it soon washes out, and as Diane Deans said, Robbie it will be like having a different woman! Diane very kindly sent me some photos of Southern Star leaving the dock in Auckland, one year ago. Diane and Bob took their 80’ foot motor boat from Auckland to Brisbane, Australia this year, and are now cruising the Queensland Coast. We have not met many motor boat owners, the majority are all sail boats, or as Robbie says, boats with “white flappy things’!

The boys returned around 1:30pm, with no fish. They went out about 6 miles, there was a number of the old timber boats fishing close to reef markers. There was very little fish, Robbie caught 3, Gert caught about 5 and Peter unfortunately didn’t catch anything. (Mr Klabouterman??) Gert caught one edible fish that was a small Giant Trevally, however when they arrived back the fish was nowhere to be seen and nor was Robbie’s fishing tackle! Oh well it only cost 400,000 rupiah for the boat hire and they gave him a tip.

We all went over to one of the jetty warungs for lunch. Ordered Nasi Goreng and got saffron rice with the small fried fish again (Yuk) and a piece of fried chicken that was nice. Our good friends Per and Elizabeth from the Norwegian Yacht, Oda, are now in Malaysia and are almost, daily, sending photos of the beautiful meals they are having, and they have even stooped so low today as to posting photos of the cheese, wine and beer they can purchase! How low can you get?? Just wait Per, until we see you in Langkawi!!!!

Had a quiet night watched 3 episodes of Banshee, addicted


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