Farewell Indonesia

Well today the 24th is our final day in Indonesia! It is with much sadness that we farewell this beautiful country, and her beautiful people. You have looked after us so well, Terimakisah Indonesia! The effort you have all gone to, to welcome us, feed us, showcase your beautiful country was amazing. We have loved meeting you all and seeing the stunning sights. The only downside to our visit was the amount of rubbish and plastic that is polluting the land and the ocean. Also your oceans are being depleted of its fish stocks and if you don’t do something soon in a few years there will be no more fish.

We departed the Island of Bintan around 11.45am once we received our exit papers and passports were returned. We had to tow the Sail Yacht Solstice with Don and Phyllis aboard as their engine has warning lights and alarms going on the oil pressure. The boat is getting a new engine in Phuket so they are trying to nurse it through and try and get some help in Singapore. Tomorrow we will tow them across the extremely busy shipping lane.

Here is our A-Z on Indonesia:

  1. Is for AYAM – this is chicken in Indonesia and you see them everywhere you go 
  2. Is for BINTANG the local beer comes in big bottles and small and the new lemon Radler
  3. Is for CROCODILES – we saw one and they are called Buaya here 
  4. Is for DANCING GIRLS – we have seen lots of beautiful traditional dancing girls 
  5. Is for EGGS – they are readily available and I even saw BLACK EGGS! 
  6. Is for FRIENDLY people, the Indonesian People are so friendly, kind and welcoming 
  7. Is for GARBAGE – Its everywhere 
  8. Is for HORNS – they use them every 10 seconds when driving scooters or cars 
  9. Is for IKAN – this is fish in Indonesia – you can’t catch any they net the lot 
  10. Is for JERMALS – the fish traps we dodged hundreds of these 
  11. Is for KITTENS – you see them everywhere and they only have a tiny stunted tail
  12. Is for LOMBOK FERRARI – the pony and cart transport on the island of Lombok
  13. Is for MUSLIM and MOSQUE – they woke us up at 4am most mornings with the call to prayer
  14. Is for NASI GORENG – Nasi Goreng the main food available in Indonesia comes with fried egg on top 
  15. Is for ORANGUTAN – the highlight of our trip in Borneo
  16. Is for PLASTIC – its everywhere in the water, in the street and its very sad
  17. Is for QUAIL eggs – small spotted eggs sold everywhere
  18. Is for ROADRULES – what’s that? No speed limit, drive at any age -7 is OK, Pass on the corners, use any lane, no seatbelt required 
  19. Is for SCOOTERS – there are millions of them usually with 4 people and NO helmets, a goat and 300 empty water bottles Also for SWEET – everything has sugar in it or on it, bread, chips you name it, they love their sweet food
  20. Is for TERIMAKISAH that’s Thank you in Indonesia 
  21. Is for UNIFORMS everyone wears one even the Teachers, and any Government employee and they look really nice
  22. Is for VEGETABLES -Kan Kung Robbie learnt to cook in the restaurant 
  23. Is for WALLET – you don’t need this very often everything is way cheap 
  24. Is for XYLOPHONE – they played lots of these especially for us and made beautiful music 
  25. Is for YACHTS – our buddies all motored in these for 4 months with us (no wind)
  26. Is for ZERO – Wine you cannot buy bring your own 




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