Langkawi day 1

December 14th: had a very lazy start to the day, not going to say what time we finally got out of bed but it was extremely late. I sat up in bed and updated the blog so it was semi productive. Finally we got organised and went into shore. We left the duck at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club and we walked to the first shopping centre which was a duty free centre at the ferry terminal. Prices are very cheap 42 ringgits for a 1 litre bottle of Johnny Walker red, this is about $14.50. We didn’t buy anything just wandered round and had a look.

We passed the famous big Eagle statue, that isn’t actually an Eagle, it’s a Brahminy Kite. I knew because I had read it in the cruising guide but Robbie was adamant it was an Eagle. One up to me.

We caught a cab into the biggest shopping centre and again didn’t really buy anything just wandered around window shopping. We were trying to find a barbers for Robbie to get a haircut but no luck. Yes – we have given up on me doing the haircuts with the new clippers – one haircut was enough for Robbie!! The prices are very, very cheap. There are duty free stores everywhere. We ended up getting a few prices as we will stock the boat up. There was up to 20 ringgit difference on some spirits so worth shopping around.

We ended up walking all the way back to the Yacht Club, our feet were rather tired. As we were walking through a park alongside the shore we came across a wedding party, a delightful young couple and their friends, in traditional dress.

Came back to the boat and had a very quiet night.


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