Day 5: 545 nautical miles out, 1484 miles to go. Not sure if you all
know that a nautical mile is longer than a land mile. 1 nautical mile is
equal to 1.1 normal mile or 1.8 kilometers. We currently are traveling
at around 11 kilometers an hour, or 5.8 sea miles or knots, per hour.
The big waves and swell are slowing us down. When we are surfing down a
wave we get up to 7 knots per hour. We are rolling on the waves over to
about 15 degrees, both sides.
Another night surfing the waves, it’s better than going to the theme
park! The waves are bigger than yesterday. We tried to get photos but it
just doesn’t justify the size of them. Our photo yesterday was taken
with us all in a row down the starboard gangway with the camera on the
top of the steps. Today I nominate the photo to be taken on the boat
deck. This might make Peter a bit nervous with his camera sitting
outside on the boat deck on automatic, unattended to take this shot.
I woke up this morning to lots of excitement around 10am. The SSB net
was screeching but what woke me up was the change in RPM’s – we have a
fish on but wait – there’s more- we have a double hook-up!! Peter and
Robbie were both on rods out the back cockpit and both landed beautiful
Mahi-Mahi or otherwise known as Dolphin Fish. (Nothing to do with
dolphins) Peter (now he’s a quick learner) shut the cockpit door before
the fish could jump out again like the other day!!! They are a beautiful
bright yellow colour and they love a fight on the rod, jumping and
splashing around until you land them. Once they are landed they quickly
lose their beautiful colour, turning blue, and then grey. Peter and
Heidi like to give their fish a shot of Vodka to calm them before they
slit their throats, Heidi just tells me that Peter also takes a shot to
calm himself down at this stage!) But Robbie doesn’t want to give the
fish Vodka so we use the bonnie knocker. It’s not something I like that
we do, but Robbie says its fast and better for the fish.
The funny thing I found out was that someone on the SSB sched asked
Peter how he was going with the fishing and he said “don’t ask about the
fishing, ask about the sunshine”, then Starlet cut in and said “we’re
doing OK with the fishing”. And that, was when the rods both went off!!
This is all hearsay as I was still asleep at this stage.
The boys filleted them and we got some nice big fillets. So the menu
today is sashimi, fillets in Panko Breadcrumbs for dinner and Heidi will
make her awesome fish burgers while I watch and attempt to learn the
process. I only made them once on my own and they didn’t stay together
very well, but I only used 1 egg. Heidi uses 3 eggs. I brought a mincer
especially in Indonesia (yeah that’s amazing I bet you are thinking –
but the thing is the mincer looks like it was made in the last century!
But it works!) Of course at home you would use your food processor. Here
is Heidi’s recipe:
1 kilogram Minced fish or beef – Heidi uses the same recipe for either
1 onion very finely chopped
3 pieces white bread soaked in water then squeeze all the water out
3 eggs just break into the mixture
1 tablespoon mustard
Salt pepper
2 spring onions chopped finely (this is for the eye – a bit of colour
only you could use parsley or anything last time we used some of the
green from leeks and it was good)
Mix altogether, form the patties it should make around 20. They should
be nice and firm and stick together well. Fry in olive oil until browned
and cooked. Around 5 mins each side.
They are a hit with everyone and the leftovers stay in the fridge for a
week – that’s if they aren’t eaten beforehand. I have never been one to
like burgers, meat balls or patties but I love these.
So here’s a thing, if you like to make Heidi’s burgers and send us a
photo of you and the burgers, to we will
send you a postcard from Barbados! Be sure to include your name and
postal address.
Peter minced some fish for us and Heidi and I made the burgers.
Tonight’s menu is Mahi-Mahi in Panko bread crumbs, Potato bake and
salad. We will have the fish burgers tomorrow for lunch. They are even
better cold. It feels like today we have spent most of the time in the
kitchen preparing food and doing dishes. We asked Robbie please no more
fish today!

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