21 January at 6pm 720 miles out 1308 Miles to go. I had a
pretty uneventful watch this morning, other than the boat surfing down
the biggest wave I have seen yet. It was bigger than the 6m wave we had
in NZ. Everyone else was asleep and I was literally hanging on to the
arms of the Pilothouse chair. No other boats on the radar or AIS so we
are all alone, apart from Starlet of course. We are keeping a distance
of around 1- 1.5 miles apart so that’s all good.
The wind has been constant just under 20 knots, which is not that much
but combined with the swell and waves it has been a bit uncomfortable.
But it’s actually better than we expected and we still haven’t had any
sea sickness.
I am still not sleeping before my watch at 3am but once I finish at 6am
I head straight to bed and can sleep for a few hours. Today I woke at
11.30am and felt so good that I did the vacuuming. There are a few
benefits to sleeping in, one is that my breakfast is sitting there
waiting for me! Heidi and Peter are perfect guests on the boat, so
helpful and thoughtful. It is really enjoyable.
Robbie had a few big hits on the fishing rods and one bent the hook on
the lure straight! So out comes the big boy lures and the big boy reel
and rod. Hess determined to catch another big fish and preferably it’s a
Mahi Mahi. It is such a nice eating fish, very white flesh and really
nice. We had some crumbed last night for dinner in Panko breadcrumbs and
it was delicious.
Tonight’s menu in Thai Green Curry and its cooking now.
There is not a lot else to report for today except that I did give
Robbie a haircut on the bow! We brought a you beaut hair clipper set in
Indonesia and I’ve only used it once. Robbie hasn’t actually been
pressing me to get it out either, but we decided today was a good day to
give it a whirl. I would never make a hairdresser but its fun
pretending! No blood drawn either. We were both relieved when I was
It’s now 6pm GMT time and the wind has dropped a little to just over 15
knots. The swell hasn’t dropped yet, but hopefully it will soon and it
will be a more comfortable ride. We had to get out the stainless steel
pot holders to cook the last couple of days. They attach onto the Gas
hotplate and keep the pots and pans from sliding all over the place.
It’s quite fun when everything is sliding around when you are trying to
cook a curry!

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  1. SUBJECT: Re: Day-6-Atlantic-crossing

    Ahoy Southern Star,
    Enjoy reading your trip updates. Will follow your tracks later this
    year/January next year.
    SHOGUN, N60. At present the boat is in Italy but crew “at home” in Japan.
    Safe and speedy miles to you,

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