The Atlantic crossing – Hooray – we’ve reached halfway!
Day 1 We departed Cape Verde from Mindeloo
14 days straight what ever will we do?
Starlets at our side, we’ll have a bet
Arrival time? Are we there yet?
Day 2 We chatted on the radio with Deep Blue
We also spoke to Canta Libre and Iris too
Chris and Sandra want more wind for their sails
Shisen Housen we don’t want no gales!
Day 3 For lunch onion bread we will make
Oh no recipe says 5 hours it will take
Skipper and crew 5 hours will not wait
Perhaps out goes the rod and bait
Yes a Dolphin fish was hooked, phew!
Alas! Out the cockpit door he flew!
Day 4 Wind, waves and swell are high
Look out! Everything starts to fly!
Starlet are collecting flying fish
But Southern Star they seem to miss
Day 5 I awoke to much excitement
Double hook up – Dolphin fish can’t fight it
They love to fight, jump and defend
But this time- it’s in our pan they end!
Day 6 Who needs to go to a theme park for a buzz?
Come, surf the waves on Southern Star with us!
The clippers out JoJo did get
Now Robbie’s got a shaven head
Day 7 Diesel transfer to our tanks from drums
Boys think this deserves some rums (Nein, No, Nil)
We took on extra fuel in containers
Just in case we need it to save us
A big fish we did catched
No escape this time -the door was latched
Day 8 Hip hooray, today we can celebrate
We are now half way – cheers mate!
Only 1 beer we may open
Don’t think that’s what they were hoping!
We were going to take a skinny dip
Coz we’ve made it halfway across
But – safety first said the boss
Phew! Said Heidi & Jo
Now we can just – dip our toe!

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