574 miles to go
Slept until lunchtime after completing my 3-6am watch. Best sleep I have
had yet on this passage. I think after so long of the body being
deprived of sleep, eventually, you will sleep come what may.
Wind has picked up and will be 20+ knots with gusts up to 24 knots for
the next 48 hours. We are seeing this and feeling the affects.
Trying to eat lunch was like eating a meal on a roller coaster! Menu
today was spinach and Feta pastries with salad. Dinner is a Red Thai
Chicken Curry which Robbie will cook, assisted by Heidi. In these
conditions you need someone assisting to stop the slip sliding away of
all and sundry.
We have had a very uneventful day, 3 loads of washing, reading, sorting
photos or sleeping. Listening to the classic music of ELO. (Electric
Light Orchestra)
I have sorted 300 odd photos from 3600 photos from our 3 months in the
USA. I am too scared to do the figures on how many photos we have taken
since we began life on Southern Star over 2 years ago. This mission is
going to be keeping me out of mischief for a long time me thinks.
Todays photo will be on the Portugese Bridge. (This is the walkway just
outside of the pilothouse, around the front of the boat.
We are getting excited now the instruments are saying 3 days 23 hours ….
We have been putting our clocks back one hour, and we only have to do
this one more time and we will be on Barbados time.
Starlet saw whales again today but we did not have the pleasure of their
company today.
Robbie changed a fuel filter on one of his engine room checks, he said
it was just starting to show a bit of high pressure. Otherwise no
problems, as Robbie says “everything is ticketyboo!”

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