I forgot Australia day yesterday! Hope all our family and friends
enjoyed their public holiday and long weekend. Kids will also be back
and school now after the Xmas break, and all my school buddies have
another hectic term 1 to get through! I have to say I don’t miss that
stress but I will be coming back to it – when the boat sells.
Conditions still quite unpleasant but we have minimised the flying and
rolling items somewhat now.
It was so rough I tried to sleep in the salon. Robbie asked me at some
point in the night did I get any sleep, Well I said, I shut my eyes and
frantically tried to pretend I was sleeping, but not sure how much I
really got. Every now and then a really big wave came through and picked
us up, turned us off course and then we surfed down the wave and the
auto pilot would gradually get us back on course, and then another one came.
I did my 3am to 6am watch, I was actually a bit worried about it but it
was fine. It’s just not very nice in the dark when you can’t see the
waves, but boy you can hear them. My watch was uneventful and Robbie
came up to relieve me and we sent our position report to the weather guy
Stokey and then had some tea and toast and I went back to bed until
after 10am.
Starlet are on our port side only .35 of a nautical mile away. At times
she looks like a submarine as the waves hide her from our view. All is
well on board, Mike and Mark have both had a cold but are on the mend
now. Jennifer and Tori are going well.
We have now put our clocks back 3 hours, we have done one hour every
couple of days, the last few days, and tomorrow will be the last hour to
go back. So hopefully we will be adjusted to Barbados time. Robbie is
out on the cockpit trying to will a Mahi Mahi to take a lure, so we can
have fresh fish for dinner. He would like one last fish. The freezer is
pretty full now which is good. We are not sure what the fishing will be
like in the Caribbean. So if we don’t catch a Mahi Mahi in the next hour
or so the menu tonight will be Fillet Steak and our special vegetable
bake. Heidi and I are both patting ourselves on the back as our
provisioning has been spot on. We have not really run out of anything
and have only thrown away 2 tomatoes that went squishy, the others are
fine. We will hit Barbados with pretty much no fresh food but hey that’s
OK we will be eating out for the first few nights. We are both looking
forward to not cooking and NO dishes!! Our dishwasher on the boat has
been temporarily reassigned to storage for vegetables!
All my spare time is now spent sorting photos. I have now sorted out 787
for the best of folder, but I am only half way through Vanuatu which is
2014. I wish I had never started this task now it’s a behemoth, but I
guess it will be worth it. It’s actually quite good revisiting the
photos as we never look at them. I am now itching to get back to
America, and New Zealand after seeing all the beautiful countryside and
wildlife photos. Wonder if I’ll feel like that about all the places we
have been to!
Emails are pretty quiet so not sure what is happening out in the big
wide world the last 2 weeks. We did get some emails from Colin Rae who
owns the 47 Nordhavn, Albatross currently in Barcelona. Colin is a pilot
for British airways and will be flying over near us tomorrow to Brazil
and he thought it would be cool to talk on the SSB radio if we could,
but it looks like they use different frequencies, what a shame!
Last night’s photo did not eventuate on the Portuguese Bridge as it was
just too rough. We did an unusual shoot standing over the camera in the
salon. There’s gonna be some funny shots when it’s all put together.
Conditions have improved albeit slightly so maybe we try tonight for the
Portugese Bridge!
Had to bolt the rods went off and there was a fish on it but you know
how the story goes…. Maybe I start to marinate the steak!

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