Day 13 286 miles at 11:00pm GMT
Well as we were about to dish up the steak for dinner last night
wouldn’t you know it, the rod goes off. Somehow I ended up reeling in
the fish, again a beautiful Mahi Mahi. Robbie had been intent to catch a
fish for dinner, but as Tori says, they like to come at sunset. You may
as well not waste your time, Put the dam rods out as the sun is going
down just So it will be fish on the menu tonight. I made breadcrumbs the
good old fashioned way yesterday, in preparation.
We didn’t get to do our photo on the Portuguese bridge last night
either, as by the time we dealt with the fish, and had dinner it was
dark. So we lined up down the stairs to the staterooms instead.
Hopefully today we can make the photo on the Portuguese bridge.
Uneventful night on watch, the winds have dropped slightly to around 16
to 18 knots which is a bit easier. Still some big waves and swell coming
through but not constant like it was.
2 nights left oh we are looking forward to getting onto or even
sighting, land again! It’s almost time to put a few beers in the fridge.
Which is looking pretty empty I might add. Our fridge is normally never
empty, it’s like the magic packet of Tim Tams it seems to continuously
be full. The freezer is still pretty full, the fish has filled a bit of
space. We could still last another 3 weeks if we had to without going to
the supermarket. I don’t think I could last at home without going to the
supermarkets or shops for something for 2 weeks.
Today Heidi is going to make Lentil soup for lunch. I have tasted her
lentil soup before and it’s to die for! It will be served with hot bread
fresh out of the bread maker. Dinner of course will be Mahi Mahi in
home-made bread crumbs served with coleslaw and sparkling water.
Disaster, I stayed up after my watch ended at 6am and continued on my
photo sorting and all of sudden the 2tb hard drive that I had
transferred all the photos to, died! It didn’t matter what I did,the
computer could not recognise. I tried everything, swapping cables, Peter
tried when he woke up. Looks like I have lost all the photos since June
2014. Very sad face! But I do have the ones I have posted to my blog, I
can download these back from the website. Big lesson learnt. I did think
about this happening but I thought, it’s a new hard drive it will be OK,
but it wasn’t. The plan was as soon as we got somewhere I can buy
another one I was going to copy it all on to another one.
Apart from that it was a lazy day, I ended up sitting in the sun, Heidi
and I did our nails and then had a sleep. Conditions improved quite a
bit it was only 16 knots of wind with the odd large wave, the rest were
around 2 metres continuously.
Heidi’s soup was the best, it’s a very traditional soup and one I will
definitely be making again. We played a few hands of 500. No fish today,
it was going to be Heidi’s turn but it didn’t happen.
Our speed is continually being hampered by a current against us. We
should have been enjoying at least half a knot of current with us but we
just aren’t getting it. The odds are still out there as to who will win
the arrival time pool. Mark commented today that it looks like Peter
might win, and he didn’t know if it would be cheaper to increase revs
and use more fuel or just pay for Peters drinks.
We finally ended up getting our photo done on the Portugese bridge. It
was calm enough to do it today! Tomorrow’s photo we will do a “Titanic

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