Day 14 155 miles to go
Not long now! Pretty uneventful day today, after my night watch I went
back to bed and slept until 11am. We are now on Barbados time which is 4
hours behind UTC time.
Heidi and I started cleaning the kitchen and salon area as it was a bit
calmer. We got the fridge and freezers cleaned out, with a little
difficulty as the swell makes it hard. We had to tie the fridge door
back to stop it slamming shut on us.
The weather report for today was 14 to 18 knot winds, much better for
us. The swell is still coming through in quite big waves at times, this
will take longer to calm down.
We had a few hands of 500 and made spaghetti Bolognese for dinner.
Surprisingly enough some of the salad stuff is still really good and we
made a salad also. There is not a lot of food left so there was plenty
of room for some beers and a bottle of champagne for tomorrow night.
Yay tonight is our last night watch!!
We have had some exciting news about friends coming to visit us for 10
days, in the Caribbean this is very good and something to look forward to.
It’s now 6.40 Barbados time and its pitch black. Not sure about our
Titanic pose for the daily photo now, you’ll have to wait and see what
our photographic director decides.
We should arrive in Barbados around 9pm tomorrow night, hopefully
earlier if we get some good current with us.


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