Day 15: Are we there Yet?? 22 MILES TO GO!!! Woo Hoo, Yee Hah, Yay, Hot
diggety Dog we are nearly there!!! We can just see Barbados!
It has been quite a busy day Heidi and I started cleaning and were busy
all day. We both decided we would rather clean today than have to spend
“shore time” cleaning. We will still help do the outside tomorrow but
today we got all the timber, windows and cupboards, bathroom’s all the
inside stuff done and dusted!
We are on our final approach with 22 miles to go. The excitement is
building! Heidi is preparing the fresh fish for dinner, that she caught
today. Robbie yelled for Heidi when the rod went off and she
successfully landed the biggest fish of the trip. A beautiful Mahi Mahi
and he fought and danced on the line, he did not want to come in. Can’t
blame him really.

We are so excited to get to Barbados, we like to see land again after 2
weeks, we like to have a drink and we are all in a good frame of mind.
Heidi says: it was a nice trip, for her it was luxury with a washing
machine and enough water to take a shower when you want. It is much
harder on Stormvogel with less room but you don’t have the noise of the
engine. She enjoyed having the time to read books and the good food.
Peter says: No comment
Robbie says: what a wonderful trip with an awesome crew.
I say: I couldn’t have done it without Robbie he is an awesome husband
and skipper. I also know that having Peter and Heidi aboard for this,
our largest yet ocean crossing, kept me calmer than what I normally
would be. I learnt from Heidi just to concentrate on something else like
a book, or play a game of 500 on my phone when it’s really rough to take
your mind off the waves.
Would I do it again? At this stage probably no, but I think it’s a bit
like childbirth you soon forget the bad bits.

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    Good for you guys. That trip will be something to remember in the old peoples home.

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