February 7th Barbados

February 7th: the wind has dropped and it is a beautiful day in Barbados. Robbie is going diving with Mark and Jennifer and my mission was to update the blog. Just as well – because it has been made “blog of the month” by Nordhavn! Eeek it has not been up to date either I haven’t had the time or the internet. So my mission over the next 2 days is to get it up to date.

I don’t know who is actually reading it but we are over 100,000 hits now. I really only did this for family and friends, to keep them up to date on where we were, and I was so reluctant to do it at the start Robbie had to really push and nag me to do it. My computer skills were limited to the Education Queensland software programs and the odd bit of word and excel I used for work. I have never been a technical person and I warned Robbie about this before he took me on!! The funny thing is that I don’t think any of the kids actually read it!

Anyway it’s a real honour to be made blog of the month, thankyou Nordhavn! I will try and keep it more up to date.

Robbie put all his dive gear in the duck and took it over to Starlet, then he brought the duck back to Southern Star and Starlet picked him up. They went for a couple of dives, one to a ship wreck only few hundred metres from where we are anchored. He really enjoyed it, it has been a long time since has had a pleasure dive. All his recent dives have been to do work on the bottom of the boat, oh and one was to retrieve something he dropped in the water in the marina in Auckland a couple of years ago!

So a bit of a boring day for me on the computer but there is a USA grand final being played today that Mark and Jennifer are trying to get on their TV.

We didn’t get the super bowl on the TV but even better Mark found a beachside bar that was playing it so we all went there (us, Starlet and Dirona) and met Doug from Nordhavn there also. It was a great setting, watching a grand final on a big screen among the palm trees with the surf gently rolling onto the white sandy beach on the other side. We all had hamburgers and a few beers and Nordhavn very kindly picked up the tab! Thank you that was really nice!

We left at half time as we were really tired and with Jennifer (Ullman, it’s confusing now there’s 2 Jennifers) caught a cab back. Robbie has been fascinated by these huge Tarpin fish that have been swimming in the blue lights at the back of the boat. They are ginormous but very wily, he can’t catch one!
Tomorrow we are checking out of Barbados and heading down to Carriacou in the Grenadine Island group. It will be an overnight passage with just the two of us!


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