12 Feb R & R at Sparrow Beach Resort

We decided to have a lazy day and find a beach for a swim and a relax. We walked into town, Robbie managed to persuade the waiter in the Yacht club to change our phone credit into a data package, which he did in about 2 minutes.

We then walked through town and found the bank and drew out some money. The exchange rate is about 2:1 East Caribbean (EC) $ to Australian dollars and 2.6:1 to the US $. We also need to stock up on some beer, Peter has been and Paul is coming! What about Mary???

We checked out the beer prices in all the “supermarkets” and the prices ranged from $150 to $100 for 24 cans of the local brew Caribe. We have tried the very local brew and it’s not so nice. We were handed a brochure from a guy sitting in a van for a beach resort called “Sparrow Beach” which we took and then decided we needed a coffee so went to the “Bougainvillaea” which is a newer bar/café/resort. We shared a table with some other yachties, which was very productive as we learnt that the nicest beach on the island is Sparrow Beach. It’s a free shuttle so we finished our coffees and headed back to the van. He was just pulling up again so we jumped aboard and he took us for a 5 minute drive to the other side of the island.

The resort is really just a very nice beach bar, sun loungers and a restaurant. At first they had the best part of the beach and area blocked off saying it was a private function, but after half an hour they told us it had been cancelled and we could use it. I grabbed a couple of sun loungers and we sat in the sun, swam, enjoyed a couple of cold beers and then had a very nice lunch of grilled Mahi-Mahi and a bottle of French Sauvignon Blanc.

I was able to get a pedicure for $70 E.C. which I did. We made the most of the beautiful beach and had a very lazy, self-indulgent day. The shuttle dropped us back in town and as we were walking back to the duck one of the locals was butchering a shark.

We headed back to the boat and had a very simple dinner of olives, gherkins, tomatoes and cheese and crackers and watched the old “Beverly Hills Cop” movie and had an early night.



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