April 11th to 14th Francis Bay St Johns Island, Virgin Gorda Island and Anegada British Virgin Islan

April 11th 

We decided to Move to Virgin Gorda, we had just started the engines when we got a message from Laust and Monika on La’Dagio that they were coming into Francis Bay for a swim. Robbie was keen to keep moving so sadly, we didn’t stop. We have already farewelled Monika twice. As we rounded the end of the island Robbie spotted another Nordhavn 47, called Iriana. He called them on the radio and spoke to Tim. He was just about to call us. He said he hasn’t seen any other Nordhavns for about 12 months, we told him we have seen the most we have ever seen in the last 3 weeks. We swapped email addresses and plan to meet up in about a weeks’ time. The nice thing is that Tim lived in Australia for 20 years and has a house not far from where we live on the Gold Coast!

Jessie drove the boat all the way into Gorda Sound which is on the Northern end of Virgin Gorda. We had squalls and rain for part of the journey and there were a lot of Yachts sailing to and fro between the islands.

We arrived at 1.45pm and had some lunch. We headed off in the duck to try and find Immigration to check in as we are now in the British Virgin Islands group. We stopped off and jess went in to the “Fat Virgin Café” to ask directions. We headed over to Gun Creek where we were cleared in by very friendly immigration officers and it cost only 30 cents! That’s the cheapest clear in that we have to pay for! (Excluding the free clear ins)

We went for a duck tour around the bay, stopping in at Saba Rock a resort built on the small rock island with a nice bar and some very expensive shops, overlooking the bay.

Back to boat where we all relaxed and swam Jessie snorkelled and played with the underwater camera taking shots of the starfish, trying to do a “Starlet calendar shot”

and an underwater selfie!


April 12th Had a lazy morning Jessie went into Leverick Bay for a facial and a massage. I did our 3 monthly tax statements which takes me about half a day. Robbie was busy doing boat jobs.

Robbie and I went into meet Jessie and we had lunch and a walk around the shops and headed back to the boat.

Robbie snapped this shot of a seabird having a rest on the duck.

April 13th Got up early to move to the anchorage at the bottom of the island called the Baths. It was glassed out and was so nice we decided to move instead to the furtherest island in the BVI group called Anegada. We had heard it was a lot like Barbuda so we were keen to experience that again.

We had a perfect crossing and we even had dolphins playing in the bow waves which Jessie loved. The island is 35 square klm, sits on an immense coral barrier, and is dead flat. It is best known for its lobsters and the pink flamingos which live in the salt lagoons.

There are a lot of charter boats on moorings and anchored here, it’s a very popular spot. The water is very clear. We decided to go inland. We hired scooters for $15 for 2 hours, Robbie and I shared. We went into the main town called the settlement, which is not really a town. We then made our way to the well-known restaurant called the “the Big Bamboo” which is set on an amazing beach. The water is crystal clear and we all enjoyed a swim and a nice lunch.

Back to Setting Point where Robbie and Jessie stocked up on beer. We walked back to the wrong pontoon so while Robbie went to get the duck and we stayed put with the beer, I heard a familiar accent as a young woman walked past. I asked her where she was from and she was Australian. We got quite friendly in a few minutes and when she found out we were on a Nordhavn she said her partner loves them. We invited them to come and have a look.

So Tara, Grant and Kyle came over and had a drink and a tour of the boat. They were very impressed. They are working a 62’ charter yacht called “Foxy Lady”. The boat is beautiful and they were such nice people. We can see why the boat is usually fully booked. Tara showed us and told us where to go to see a large flock of pink flamingos who stand on the reef and pick off shrimps and small fish.

We farewelled them and headed out to the reef in the duck armed with the binoculars and camera. Fat lot of good that was, as I turned the camera on as we approached what looked like a bright pink circle on the reef, the message “battery expired” popped up on the screen. I got one shot. I hope this is not the only photos we end up getting of them. I could have cried, this would be the most magnificent scene I have ever seen and the camera is dead. None of us could believe it!

Well we went as far as we could and then turned the motor off and just drifted past them. It was truly an amazing sight. Eventually we drifted right past and unfortunately as we started the engine again to come home it spooked them and they all took flight. What an amazing sight that was. They are black underneath their wings, and it is a stark contrast to the pink. They have long legs hanging out the back of their body as they fly.

We headed back to Southern Star and got ready for our Lobster dinner on the Anegada Reef Hotel. As we approached we could see the drums on the beach with large flames burning. There were about 6 drums. Later they moved them to near the restaurant where they cooked the lobster in tinfoil on the grill over the open flames/coals.

The restaurant, although plastic tables and chairs in the sand, was set up beautifully with fairy lights and candles. It looked very nice.

We had a great night with a few drinks and met some lovely people from Europe, and a very friendly lady celebrating her 40th birthday, whom managed to talk Jessie and I into having shots. Not such a good idea now!


April 14th

The good time had by us all last night was paid for today. Robbie and Jessie both slept in very late, and we had to drag Jessie out of bed around 11am to go for a swim and to try and get rid of her hangover.

We headed straight out to where the Flamingos were but sadly they were not there today. We were all very disappointed and hope that they will return before we leave here so we can get some photos.

We headed out to the reef about 2 miles offshore for a snorkel. Jess and I jumped in and Robbie stayed in the duck, he is still suffering with ear problems from swimmers ears.

It was a great snorkel, Jessie saw a Barracuda as soon as she got is, we saw a school of fish that seemed to like to follow us and numerous other reef fish. It wasn’t the greatest snorkel we have ever had but it was certainly very pleasant and worth it.

We then headed further up the island to the 2nd anchorage called Pomato Point where we anchored the duck and had a swim and sunbathe and Robbie and I walked from one end of the beach to the other.

Jessie saw a sting ray in the water and we tried to get closer to get a photo but he shot off very gracefully. We also saw a baby shark right in close to the beach. The size of shark that I don’t mind!

We headed back to the boat for a late lunch and the rest of the day will be very quiet!



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