April 21st to April 24th Tortola

April 21stWe started the day by snorkelling at the Indians with Tony & Jan, & Val and Tim. It was quite windy and a bit rough but wow, it was worth it.

We had a really enjoyable time and saw lots of fish and some nice coral.

We had all agreed to have Lunch at the restaurant with Martin and Bridgit, who will leave today and head to Virgin Gorda. We had a very nice lunch and a great time.

We farewelled Moonrise and sadly watched them depart from the bay. Not sure when we will see them again, but hopefully it won’t be too long. 

We had a quiet afternoon, and Tim and Valerie came over for a drink. The boys had to drink a teeny weeny Heinie – Thanks Mark they really enjoyed them! I had forgotten to stock up the fridge and the poor teeny weeny Heinies were all that was cold.

Tony, Jan, and Robbie relaxed on the bow in the sun while I updated the blog.



April 22nd It wasn’t a very nice day but we moved to Jost Van Dyke, with Iriana. The wind was blowing and it was a bit choppy but we dropped anchor near the sand Cay and Tony and Janet had a walk on the sand cay, it was tiny and you could see that it would be very lovely on a nice day. An easy island to circumnavigate!

We all went for lunch at Foxy’s, a well-known restaurant in the head of the bay, Robbie had a Friggin in the Riggin cocktail which was Rum, Mango and Coconut.

We headed back to the boats and decided to move to Cane Garden Bay and get some protection. It wasn’t so windy but the swell was terrible. We all wanted to get off the boat for a bit so we and had a drink in the bar, and there were the 2 young couples who had gate crashed our dinghy raft up. We had a quick chat.

We headed back to Southern Star and Robbie made a Chicken Curry which was very nice. Unfortunately the big swell continued, and the boat was very rely, rolling and listing from one side to the other, as were all the boats in the bay.

April 23rd after a terrible night with very little sleep (although Tony and Janet slept like babies!) we moved to Fat Hog Bay, on the South East end of the island, which hopefully will be a better anchorage with this swell. We picked up a mooring as it was too shallow for us to go and anchor. It was pretty protected behind a reef. Its $30 a night for a mooring.

We all caught a taxi into Road Town with Val and Tim, passing a local christening on the beach near Road Town, on the way in. Everyone was very well dressed. We had a walk around town. It was pretty quiet, and then we went to the movies to see Jungle Book. We paid $20 for the VIP seating which included free popcorn and a drink. It was lovely and cool and we all enjoyed the movie. We can’t remember the last time we saw a movie, all through the Med the cinemas only showed movies in another language.

We had dinner At Pussers Old Pub which is a lovely old English style pub, full of nautical memorabilia to do with the Pussers Rum used by the merchant Navy.


April 24th After a big cooked English breakfast we moved to Trellis Bay on the top of Tortola and Iriana followed us a bit later.

We all swam and snorkelled, Tony is desperate to see a turtle. Robbie found a conch shell with a hermit crab inside. We had a quick look and then put him back. Tim and Val swam over and we sat on the swim platform and chatted while Tony and Janet had a walk on the beach.


We all went for lunch to the “De Loose Mongoose” and on the way in Robbie caught a mooring line in the outboard motor, but was able to free it without any damage.

There is a fabulous art gallery with amazing art and pottery and copper sculptures – and cats sleeping in the pottery! I was amazed they allow the cats to do this. (yes it was a real cat!)

They have full moon parties here and they had metal sculptures that hold fire in the water we can imagine they look fantastic, The full moon was 2 days ago so we just missed it. thats probably a good thing!




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