May 13th Atwood Harbour

May 13th Departed 6:30am for Atwood Harbour on Acklins Island. It was a nice easy departure and with 4 of us on board its super easy. Kristie is the CDO chief Depth Officer, Brad is CFO Conch Finding Officer, Robbie is also a CFO Chief fixit Officer and me, they tell me I am just “T” which stands for Trouble! (Just love these titles and we got the idea from Laust on L’Adagio.)

Anyway Kristie sits up on the fly bridge with Robbie and she watches the depth, while Robbie concentrates on following our track on the GPS plotter, which we have paralleled to our iPad that he takes up on the fly bridge. Brad and I stand watch on the bow looking for obstacles such as coral heads and bomies.

It was extremely calm with only 10 or less knots of wind, which was a South Easterly and right up our bottom, which made for a great cruising day. We only saw two boats the whole day, one was a tug towing a barge full of containers and one small container ship. We all appreciated the beauty of the colour of the water, especially on the beaches edges on the white sand, just a wonderful turquoise colour. Now we understand why everyone raves about the Bahamas. And there’s no other boats here!

The fishing was not so good with a big fish picking the smallest rod with the least line, out of 4 rods he chose the smallest and ran with it. Brad cracked the drag up and it didn’t make any difference. In the end he busted off the lure. Another one bites the dust. Brad likes catches Barracudas it seems as he caught another one today. Maybe we should call him the CBO Chief Barracuda Officer!

We arrived into Atwood Harbour at 3.30pm, after negotiating around Umbrella rock and the fringing reef, it is a very protected, and very pretty bay.


Straight away a large Nurse Shark sat under the boat. We got sorted pretty quickly and got the duck off, our swimmers on, the cooler bag with the special bottle of Bollinger we had brought to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our first date! We headed up the creek in the corner of the bay and we were all mesmerised with the beauty of this area, mangroves which were stumpy and short but the water was absolutely crystal clear.

We saw 5 large spotted eagle sting rays. They were so beautiful gliding through the water. They stayed around for a while.

We went as far as we could go before it got too shallow and then turned back to the creek entrance where there was a beautiful white sand cay with a deep swimming hole.

We cracked open the champagne and Brad was our runner with the camera on timer mode to get the group shot.

We had such a good time, the water was so warm and we stayed until it was nearly dark. Back to the boat where there was a Big Barracuda swimming in the underwater lights.

Brad and Kristie cooked a Bar B Q for dinner and it was a very nice end to a lovely day.


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