May 20th to 21st Calabash to Boysie & Square Cay Cut

 May 20th We started the day with a photo shoot of the 3 boats. Laust launched his drone, and Brad and Kristie, and Mark and Jennifer all took to the ducks with their cameras. Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy so the light wasn’t the best but it wasn’t too bad. Brad took 170 photos. We are saving these special shots to enter for the Nordhavn Calendar so they wont be published, this is a shot off my little camera. 

We departed Calabash Bay at 9.45am for the 19 nautical mile run to Georgetown. Starlet stayed behind for one more dive. L’Adagio were not far behind. It was a pleasant passage, and we entered through the North Channel Rocks entrance and we dropped anchor at 2pm. We got sorted pretty quickly, keen to get to the supermarket. We were practically out of all fresh food.

We left Robbie on board fixing the cable to the crane which had a broken wire and Brad, Kristie and I hit the supermarket. They have a dinghy dock right behind the store which is a huge help. We were a bit shocked at the prices, $3.20 (US dollars) for one kiwifruit! Hence to say we left them on the shelf. $6 for strawberries not too bad, we stocked up on mainly fruit and vegetables and some bread. Our freezers are still pretty full and we are trying to empty them. The bill came to $270 but hopefully this should do us until we reach Florida in a couple of weeks.

Back to Southern Star and we quickly stored all the goodies and headed off in the duck with a few cold beers for a swim. We found a nice little sandy beach not too far away and sat in the water relaxing. Laust and Hans joined us, enjoying the cold beers. Once they ran out Laust and Kristie (keen to try and hit the 40 MPH) sped back to replenish the beers. Mark, Jennifer and Tori joined us and even Tori had a swim! It was very pleasant indeed.

Kristie had cooked a Massaman Curry which we had left simmering on the stove so it was a nice easy dinner. Jennifer asked us over for a game of 500 which was very enjoyable, and especially as she had made Peanut Butter Pies! Very Yum!

May 21st
Departed Georgetown at 11.45am for the 22 mile run through the Conch Cay Cut, to Boysie Cay. As we departed we spotted a Nordhavn 56 Motor Sailor, Leisure Time.

We had an uneventful run up to the cut, for a change the water was a deep green colour. Brad and I were on the bow doing our “spotters” job and Robbie was concentrating on navigating. At the moment we are paralleling the Coastal Explorer C-Maps to our iPad which he uses in the fly bridge. We are having a problem when he zooms right in for the shallow parts and entrances, he loses the data. We have emailed Rose point this morning for some help with this. Thankfully we were able to put a tag on Starlets track and this helped immensely.

We navigated through the cut and after a bit of moving around and checking for a nice patch of sand to drop the anchor in we finally dropped anchor at 2.45pm. We decided to head for one of the lovely little beaches around the anchorage for a swim and a game of volleyball. L’Adagio were keen, Starlet were busy fixing the washing machine (neither of us could not possibly do without this invention).

The little beach we chose was your dream beach. Sparkling clear water, golden fine sand, a natural kiddie’s pool on one side, fed by a narrow cut to the ocean through rocks, a blow hole in the rocks and enough room for the volleyball.

I was hopeless but all the others could at least hit the ball and aim it to someone! It was a lot of fun but tiring so we all had a swim. Mark, Jennifer and Tori joined us and Jennifer was able to stand on her head in the sand, except when the tide came in and she got a mouthful!

Tori sat peacefully watching us enjoy this beautiful spot.

Robbie sat near the blow hole and enjoyed playing in the water jets.

Back to the boats to get ready for dinner on L’Adagio. Hans had caught a huge Mahi Mahi on the passage today, and it was a monster. Kristie and I made a Coleslaw, some Garlic Bread and a Cheese Platter and we headed over.

It was a joint effort and Mark cooked fish on the Grill some with a Wine and Garlic seasoning, some with Brad and Kristie’s New Orleans Fish fry and I helped do some in Panko Breadcrumbs inside. Mark and Jennifer did a huge rice and also brought some yummy sauces and spices. It was a very beautiful meal, on a very beautiful boat and the company was very enjoyable.



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