Taking the helm from Robbie and Jo

Jenny and I left Auckland on Nov 30 to take possession of Southern Star. You have probably already heard of us from Robbie and Jo. We are New Zealanders, and first saw Southern Star about 5 years ago. And now here we are- sitting in Grand Bahamas on our dream boat. A New Zealand registered vessel, which we hope to take back to the Southern Hemisphere in the next 5+ years.

Much more about the pre purchase journey, and our drift from dreamer to doers.

Just wanted to check in and let you know we are now new owners, have been on board 1 month today. We are very excited and invite you to journey with us.

Much thanks to Robbie and Jo who left us with an impeccable ship. Robbie spent 5 days doing our handover and he was wonderful, thorough and very, very knowledgeable.

Stay tuned, as we learn more about Southern Star, Nordhavns, and just slowing down some.


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