Riding out, yet another, storm

Riding out, yet another, storm



Chris Parker, the weather guru, has forecasted another cold front passing through the Bahamas. This one is forecast to blow from the East- veering NE, and winds increasing to 40 knots by tonight.  

There is a tension in the harbour. We are monitoring the local calling channel 68, and the standard VHF calling channel 16.  This morning a handful of boats moved in and around our anchorage location. We have a Beneteau 36 on our port side, and he is a bit closer than I would like- but luckily he is downwind of us.

A large Lagoon Cat, Dawn Treader, anchored up in front this morning and he is swinging pretty close to another mono hull, a Catalina 36 . We listened to them exchange concerns. The cat is having engine troubles and does not want to move. They will watch if they swing too close. The Cat is upwind of us…

The gusts are 20-25 right now. Southern Star leans to the port when a gust catches her. We have been sitting on this anchor for the past six or 7 days. We are well dug in, and I put out some more scope last night. The big Rocna anchor feels good. We hauled the dinghy up on to the deck last night as well, and closed up the fly bridge, getting ready for the blow.

I have put on the instruments, and my AIS is calling for dangerous separation with ‘Dawn Treader.’ But he does seem to be holding fine…


Earlier we heard that a Catamaran had dragged anchor from volleyball beach.

A trawler, unattended, in Kidd cove (George Town side) parted his mooring line and was adrift across the harbour. Elvis Water Taxi was all over it and was on the way to set another anchor.

Just now heard, that ‘Utopia’ is dragging down onto ‘Down Time.’


The chatter on the radio indicates that everyone is nervous. And the best is yet to come.



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