We have found communications on Southern Star a real challenge. This is important for  entertainment, but also for safety, primarily weather forecasts.

We have used, in the Bahamas, BATELCO sim cards, and it worked but was not convenient. 

We learned about My Island Wifi, and have used it in the Bahamas last season and are using it now. We find it has good coverage, as long as you have cell towers. It is easy to set up and is unlimited data- no reduction in speed.  We use it to follow Jenny’s American Football fetish. 

My Island Wifi, has recently added unlimited service in the US. 

My Island Wifi info

NOTHING really compares to Starlink for connectivity. Its not exactly cheap- we have been using it here in New Zealand for 6 months or so. We were using a cellular modem for our connection, much like My Island WiFi. But Starling is a game changer. Our provider offered cellular data for $99 per month. But the speeds were SLOW… often buffering when streaming our favorite shows.
Starlink cost us $159 NZ for unlimited (non mobile eg- have to be located near your service address- Baywater Marina in our case.

But the speeds are over 150 mbps. Compared to 12-20 mbps on cellular .

We can move around within NZ and switch to Country mobile data plan for about $199 per month. We spend the summer holidays around Waiheke and the Coromandel and never lost coverage and had the great speeds.


We use Garmin Explorer for tracking our travels. It is also a great tool for safety as we can use it to put out and SOS . Hopefully won’t ever need it for those purposes. 
But it is fun to share our progress and locations with friends and family. 
Here is a link to Robbie and Jo’s interview by Dr James Ellingford regarding our journey aboard Southern Star


 James Ellingtons version of Southern Star’s and Oda’s  assistance to Stormvogel in the Coral Sea




AIS Monitoring of Boats

  • – this site monitors boats with AIS (Automatic Identification System)  all over the world (currently doesnt include Indonesia)




  • – Maritime law, also called “Admiralty law” covers the relationship between private individuals or entities involved in maritime, seagoing or ocean-based commerce.  It includes sailors, fishermen, ship workers and passengers of vessels operating on the oceans. I was requested by Mark Thompson senior awareness coordinator for Maritime help to post the link to the website here.



Other boats blogs:    Peter and Heidi from the German sailing Yacht “Stormvogel” this is an amazing website – be sure to check out the videos – the scenery is stunning and the music is composed by their youngest son, it is truly moving.